File - Exit Letter

We're sorry to see you leave us but you're always welcome to come back.
Do let us know if there is a way we can make this list better for you.

If you have been unsubscribed, feel free to write to the list owner to
inquire about the reason. Sometimes there is a mistake so we'd like to
hear from you if you believe this was an error. Members are only banned
for serious misuse of the list.

Sometimes there is a problem with sending email to your address.
This is known as "bouncing" and usually happens when your mailbox is too full
or your address has changed. When a member has been 'hard-bouncing"
for several months even after repeated requests for Yahoo to re-set it,
you may be automatically unsubscribed.
If this is what has happened to you, please apply to re-join and
you will be promptly re-instated.

Bye for now - and we hope to see you return soon. :)

Martha Rose

Banned for Violation of Our Rules

Since we have not received a reply to our query about your posting information/photos from this list to other locations, I have reluctantly banned you from this group. If you feel this is unfair, or that you are innocent of this illegal action, please reply to this and we will happily discuss the situation.

List Owner, CuttlebugItis Yahoo list

Fwd: warning of a copycat in your group

Can you explain this?  The message pasted below was sent to the CuttlebugItis group owner address.  I suspect it is one of those spoof message like the recent "viagra" site messages sent by a bot which hacked address books of a great many people.  I haven't heard about a 'copycat' spoof.   I have also written to the address(deleted from the paste-in) which sent it. 

 I have no intention of reporting the claim about you without some better information.  I was unable to find any reference to 'copycat' re-posting from CuttlebugItis on the blog mentioned.   I have removed the name of the person who sent it, but I assure you that our membership list is NOT publicly available to anyone not a member of the list.  

Grouply is disabled here or I would suspect it is their work as Grouply is known to function as spyware in a sense. 

I don't want to do anything about this report until I hear from you.  And I'm sure you don't want your name used in this way if you are not involved with that kind of illegal action.

Martha Rose, List Owner CuttlebugItis Yahoo group. 
i see you have your membership listed. i do not need to join to confirm this person has joined and is now copying all of your postings and putting them on his blog:
the yahoo moderators and owners need to stick together and complain to Yahoo and Google which owns the blog spot. the person who has created this fake blog and copied everyone's Yahoo groups is:

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